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Please browse our frequently asked questions concerning hardwood floors, and feel free to call us if your question is not answered here.

Is it okay to use water to clean my hardwood floors?

No! Water and vinegar, soap-based cleaners and wax can dull the floor’s finish and overtime leave a residue. Regularly dusting and using floor cleaners specifically for your hardwood floor will help extend the shine and beauty of your floor.

How can I keep my chairs from scratching the floor?

Felt floor protectors added to the legs of chairs and other furniture will help reduce scraping and scuff marks on your hardwood floors.

Can I use an oil-based polish on my handrail or floors?

Oil-based polish can dull the wood’s finish and make floors slippery which can be dangerous!

How often do I need to clean my hardwood floors?

For moderate traffic, you should clean your floors once a week. For better results, two to three times a week is even better!

Will the sunlight through my windows damage my hardwood floor?

Over time, sunlight can fade or discolor your floors. If you do have sunlight coming through a window, consider closing the blinds during the day, adding a window tint, or consider landscaping outside the window to block some of the sunlight from damaging your floors.

How can I protect my hardwood from my dogs?

To protect your floor from your dog’s paws, be sure to wipe your dog’s paws after each walk. If you walk in wet weather, toweling off your dog’s paws will keep your floors from getting wet. Place doormats at high-traffic entrances to help reduce wear on the floor. A dog bed will also discourage your dog from sleeping in a favorite spot on the floor, causing that area of the floor to wear prematurely.

Is there a difference between light versus dark hardwood floors?

Dark hardwood is stronger than light wood making dark hardwood floors less likely to wear faster than light wood. Dark floors also require less staining and refinishing to maintain a nice finish.

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