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Hardwood Floor Repair & Refinishing

Our experienced team will return the luster and shine to your old hardwood floors with our expert repair and refinishing services. Refinishing is an extensive service that starts with sanding the floors to remove the finish and a very thin layer of wood. We then rebuild the surface of the floor by staining, finishing, and polishing. Refinishing enables us to remove deep scratches, grooves, stains, and other signs of heavy wear.

Why Choose Us?

We understand that the thought of repairing and refinishing your floors can seem overwhelming. Our customers choose us for top quality workmanship and attention to detail. We utilize a dustless sanding system and low VOC products to make the process clean, fast, and safe.

Available Stain Colors

We can help you select a stain color that's just the right fit for your home.

Great quality for a great price.Karyssa D.
Making Floors Beautiful in Eastern Massachusetts Since 2003