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Maintaining Your Floor

We suggest the following to help your floor maintain its luster and beauty. If you have any questions about the suggestions below, please feel free to ask any of our team members while working on your project or call us for help.

Never use water on your floor. Never wet mop your floor. Any additional water will seep through plank cracks causing the finish to break down and wood fibers to expand. A wet rag may be used for cleaning up spills. However, be sure to dry afterward to avoid leaving any moisture on the floor.

Vacuum your floor regularly to remove grit, dirt and rocks that can scratch your floor finish.

Cleaning products recommended by the manufacturers should be used on your floor.

Solvent type maintenance products were originally created for waxed hardwood floors and are still important products for floors that are finished with penetrating oil or wax finish. Although not as common, there is still a demand for this traditional finish. Using a water-based cleaner as in the urethane finished floor cleaners will ruin a penetrating finish. It will turn it first a white color (like a ring from a glass on a coffee table) and eventually black as it rots the wood.

Floor protector glides allow your furniture to move but not scratch the floor. These should be placed under your furniture legs to protect the floor.

A dehumidifier, if used throughout the spring and summer months, will help to keep wood movement and expansion to a minimum.

If the floor is beginning to show significant wear it may be time to re-coat the floor. Contact us, your professionals, regarding your options. By re-coating the floor at the first signs of wear, you will be able to bring your floor back to new condition with just a re-coating. If the floor is allowed to wear into the wood, it will require the floor to be re-sanded and then coated resulting in a much higher cost.

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